Goodbye & farewell

The time has come for me to say goodbye..

Hey there. You might be wondering what is he talking about. Well i come to a point in my life where i no longer have time to spend a big amount of my free time doing dj or editing music. So the time has come to say goodbye. I started this whole dj world in 2004. Time has flown by so quickly and belief me it was great fun to do.

This website will go offline on the first of June 2018.

Thank you all so much for the support i had doing this work, and i wish you all the best. This is of-course not goodbye for ever cause you can follow me on the following links:

Twitter: @djxeno_rftw
MeWe: <Click this text>
Youtube: RookieGamer050
Twitch: RookieGamer050

Thanks and see you out there!!

Willem van der Veen